Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I haven't posted anything in months, although I continue to write many long emails every day. Things are heating up and life could not be better. However, I must respond to a very hot issue that is gaining momentum via the net and press. I am so glad women are coming out and not only admitting they had an abortion, but they have NO REGRETS.

Add my name to Ms. magazine's list. I got knocked up at the Whisky, in the upstairs backstage bathroom. Doctors always told me I could never get pregnant, and the ONE time I didn't use birth control, it took. I can never remember the year -- either Fall, 1978 or '79. I always have to look it up and I can't be bothered. But if I had that child, my life would haven been ruined. And the child would be a mess.

Don't believe that crap women have regrets or all women were destined to be mothers. It's bullshit.

Think about this: if I had that child, there would be no Jenny Lens Punk Archive. Which is more valuable: my archive (which extends beyond punk) or another unwanted child?

Second topic: Mark Foley, Hastert and the GOP cover-up, the party of "Values." Discuss amongst everyone, and vote DEMOCRATIC!! As a registered Green, I say let's hold both parties feet to the fire, which begins with Democratic control of Congress.

OUR LIVES ARE AT STAKE!! Ok, back to work!

Take care!


Blogger Cretin Girl 1*2*3*4* said...

Yeah! Add my name too! I hate the ad's that they have on t.v with the who'll guilt trip thing!! My life would have been over 7 years ago! If I did'nt have the choice.I would've died!
No Regrets here!!! Rock On!!

*Love your work!

2:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay, Jenny's back! Good blog!

10:39 AM  

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