Friday, October 13, 2006

Campus Ladies and Death of my Scanner

Ohmygawd, I love "Campus Ladies." "Desperate Housewives" no longer makes me howl. But "Campus Ladies," now that's funny. I also love "Sex and the City" reruns, although running them out of order is sooo distracting. TV programmers obviously don't get the women change over the course of time, as do the fashions and men. They don't care, just slap one episode after another, who cares if so much is lost.

What a fucked day. My slide/neg scanner finally died (I literally laid my head next to my keyboard and cried), high res scans I eagerly waited for (from a major project) are sharpened to the point of excess pixelation (what the fuck?!), and a few other problems. Of course centered around money or the lack of.

I dug up awesome 999 shots with tons of punks dancing/moshing on the Whisky stage, Magazine, Lene Lovitch, Ian Drury at the Masque and others for a book submission, but no, they shall stay buried in my drawer. I turned down going to a party at Shooting Gallery, who is currently showing a few of my photos. Gotta work.

But life goes on, and I work with what I've got. Which is a lot of work, so back to it. Because I've wanted a decent, long lasting slide/neg scanner since I first started using a computer. In 1988. That's a long time, so I gotta work harder. Or find someone with a good connection w/Nikon. Nikon 9000, is that too much to ask? So people can really see what I shot?

Thank goodness for comedy, especially those wild and crazy Campus Ladies. Cos I can't begin to express my sadness. Damn that scanner, couldn't wait til I could afford to replace it. Now that I'm in a big work mode and now that people are finally coming to me for major projects. Ah, the glamorous life. Thank god for my memories. Cos it sure hurts, knowing what I've got and not being able to bring them to life. Yet.


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