Thursday, June 15, 2006

I haven't written anything in ages cos I'm really busy. But I want to respond and add to something Roger wrote me re the previous post. What about the San Diego race to replace jailed Repug Duke Cunningham? The voting irregularities of that make the outcome questionable. The fact precinct workers kept the voting machines at their homes the night before the election is very suspect and very scary. Why are the Dems quiet about that?

It doesn't matter about campaign reform -- there's always ways around that. It's a reality of today's economics that yes, one has to raise tons of money to be elected, and hence beholden to those who elected that person, not the individual voters. I can't get into ways to reform it because unless Dems learn to assert themselves and each person's vote is actually counted, nothing matters.

I really think the Repugs will keep their majority in both the House and the Senate because of the Diebold machines. No paper trail, history of Repug wins in areas usually dominated by the Dems (since 2000!) . . . It's great Robert F. Kennedy Jr published his massive article in Rolling Stone, is available online, and he's been making the TV news circuit. But does it change anything? So what if the NY Times agrees Kerry won Ohio?

Kerry is still a senator, not the rightful Prez. That's the real problem. AND the Dems have yet to come out fighting. There's tons of offenses by the Repugs, but their contributors control the airwaves, whether radio, local news or cable/satellite stations; print is meaningless and local broadcasts a waste of time.

I watch CNN, HNN, Fox, MSNBC, and CNBC several times a day when I eat my raw green smoothies or exercise. I want to know what's being reported -- or NOT reported. NOTHING about upcoming election problems.

Are the Dems so brain dead they think presenting their ideas, as Nancy Pelosi did w/Wolf Blitzer the other day, is gonna change anything? As long as the GOP can and do block Dem phone banks on the day of election (look it up, the dude behind it was found guilty, but what about the fact he called the White House several times that day?), as long as the Dem precincts don't get enough voting booths, forcing people to wait HOURS to vote (what is this, some third world country?) while Repug precincts vote in a matter of minutes, as long as THERE IS NO ACCOUNTIBILITY regarding each person's ballot, we are just fooling ourselves thinking we have a democratically elected system wherein everyone's vote is counted.

OK, back to work. But this is why it's so hard for me to focus. I am seriously concerned. Tragic so many people refuse to realize what's going on. What an irony: in the mankind's greatest age of accessible information, Americans have never been less informed. We get the government we deserve. But what about those of us, speaking out -- the Cassandras of our day? We're the ones being taken down. And by putting this online, will I be taken away in a decade? An enemy of the people? A risk I'm willing to take.