Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sopranos/Heroin vs. Desperate Housewives/Heroines

Briefly taking a break from labeling slides while eating some raw foods, I quickly viewed Sopranos. Anyone see the size of the syringe used to inject heroin? We always used needles for diabetics for both speed and junk. It's a tiny, thin short needle and skinny plunger. They used a really thick long needle. Ouch, that's gotta really hurt!

Ok, you all know it's really stupid to shoot drugs, right? The speed of 25 years ago was way different, took longer to destroy one's body. But Christopher -- what a fool. Can you believe they robbed Lauren Bacall for her awards goodie basket? What hoods! First he marries his pregnant girlfriend and then shoots up. Feeling a little guilty about helping to kill the only person who ever really loved him?

I'm really hooked on "Big Love." Tonight Nickie drops the $60K bombshell on her husband, Bill. I sure wouldn't want to be in their shoes! I don't understand the negativity towards "Desperate Housewives." Last week, when Gabrielle and Carlos lost yet another baby, I was stunned and crying.

When their cowardly boss told Lynette her husband Tom had to be fired, I thought: time for you two to find other jobs. They should start an ad firm in their home. And file some kind of lawsuit. There's gotta be something they can legally do. How about sexual harrassment, the way the boss made Lynette pretend to be him and flirt w/his wife? Lynette's so good at turning things around, usually blowing up in her face.

How about for once she is the heroine? I love how Marc Cherry balances the absuridity of life with humor and tragedy. Back to my slides.


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