Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Repug flab: the other white meat!!

If only I could focus on MY work. Yesterday I cried and cried about Haditha massacre and the Big Nine’s decision that public workers, you know, the ones who work for OUR government, working on OUR behalf (as if!), have NO First Rights protection. They can’t speak out at work when they see injustice, waste, whatever. Yeah, the very day after Memorial Day, when every American has lost someone in a war somewhere defending those very rights. Just taken away by 5 Conservatives. Nice going, eh?

So when I read the responses to a post on [note: I only posted a few remarks and rearranged the order, to put more of the food comments together and removed names. I DID NOT change text] re Sensenbrenner, one of the many Repugs alarmed the FBI removed files from a Dem’s home, I finally laughed at:

"Repug flab: the other white meat."

"This guy ought to be the poster child for constipation."

As someone who has struggled with weight issues for over 50 years, and now finally not only losing, but keeping off excess weight since becoming a very strict raw foods vegan, aka fruitarian (I only consume fresh fruit and veggies), I’m gonna throw bricks at my glass house. I know that most overweight people eat incorrectly and don’t exercise enough. It’s very hard to limit one’s food intake as to type of food and quantity. But if you’re gonna eat crap, you’re gonna look like crap. As a person who will ALWAYS have weight issues, I don’t care how that comes across. Take personal responsibility. For ALL you do: eating, drinking, drugs, playing, partying, working AND voting and standing up for your beliefs.

The food comments mingle with the political comments. You didn't think I'd put all the funny stuff first? From crooks and liars:

Sensenbrenner: "I think that we want to make sure that when the next Congressman is investigated for illegal activity that the procedure done by the Justice Department is right..."

You know there's something up when the GOP comes to the defense of a dem.

Key words in the quote: "Next Congressman" That'll be a repug.

Saw this on a taped copy of Countdown from last night after which Mom said, "There shouldn't even be a next time!!!"

The "next time" the FBI goes to the Rayburn office building, there won't be any usable evidence (that's where Bob Ney, Jerry Lewis and Duncan Hunter's offices are, by the way). They all had a nice 3-day weekend and a "shooting scare" to make sure of that.

As some have said....the only reason the GOP is outraged about the 'raid' is because with all their wrong doing they could be next! But they should know this executive branch will only do that to them if they don't play by the rules.

It's all the free lunches from lobbyists.

They should have their congressional cafeteria cards taken away. At least then taxpayers wouldn't have to foot the bill for their out-of-control appetites.

True. Thanks to their GOP grease machine, we could cut off their free gov't lunches and they'd still put of weight faster than prize pig at the county.

White Porkers Unite!

Sensebrenner is obviously enjoying more than his share of pork.

The Repugs sure have a lot of fat white guy pols, don't they.

I think the more chins you have the higher they promote you within the Rethug Party.. look at Hastert and Sensenbrenner.

Sensenbrenner looks like he was fattened on the same feed lot Dennis Hastert was. Separated at birth, or what?

So that's what Sensenbrenner looks like. Another bloated politico with a schmuck face. I thought Hastert was bad. Well at least they look the role of corrupt, corporeal scumbags.

"How do these obese right-wingers get so...obese? Are they taking weight-gain drugs or get fat pills? And these are the people who run the country when they can't even keep themselves under 300 lbs?"

That's because lobbyists are allowed in the Congressional Gym. How the hell are you suppose to concentrate on toning those sexy abs when there's some guy from K Street walking up and down in front of you with a wheelbarrow full of cash that he says can be all yours if you would just tag an amendment onto a defense appropriations bill that allows an native american tribe to add 50 more acres of casino space?

They couldn't give a sh*t less about Jefferson, except to keep the story alive as long as possible.

Funny, they didn't worry about our privacy when they passed the Patriot Act, but when their privacy is in question they raise hell.

The Newt Gingrich/Tom Delay/Karl Rove/Chimpy GOP Congress...the worst in US history. The bums should all be thrown out in November.

Republican goals:
1. Keep Democrat Jefferson's name in the news as long as possible.
2. Displace Republican crooks from the news.
3. Stifle investigations that might require searching the office of House and Senate Republicans.

So far they're reaching all three goals. Every minute Jefferson stays in the news, every minute Democrats argue against searching his office WITH A WARRANT, every minute WE spend fuming about it is a minute we are not actively on the attack against a whole host of crooked Republicans.

This is why we have to Clean House in 2006. If it smells Vichy [French collaborators with the Nazis during WW2] or dirty, get rid of 'em. America's government today is infected with a deadly level of corruption. When Republicans and Democrats alike make noises that their offices are legally immune from legal searches, I start to wonder just how many bags of cash are sitting in those offices.


Anonymous Roger Krueger said...

I applaud your premise of rooting out the crooks on either side. But what I'm left wondering is: how do you get honest people elected?

The current campaign finance system absolutely positively guarantees that you cannot be elected without spreading your cheeks for every corporation and special interest you can find.

I find the current corruption scandels especially amusing. We see personal gain as this horrible evil, yet we don't care that utterly everyone on the hill has sold their soul for campaign funds. The end result to us "citizens" of this pretend democracy is exactly the same, yet we perceive the two situations completely differently.

5:20 PM  
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