Saturday, May 06, 2006

Clash and CIA

[I created a formatted version -- much easier to read --but it won't let me post formatted blogs although I use its software.]

Are you punk enough to do something about your country, your lives? What would the Clash do? The Dils [Class War, I Hate the Rich]? X [Year One]? Joey Ramone was justifiably enraged when then-current Prez Reagan visited a cemetery full of SS Officers, the ones who killed Jews like him and I. Angry enough to write and sing about it, originally called "Bonzo Goes to Bitburg," [Bitburg being the cemetery and Bonzo after the Chimp that starred w/Reagan and his wife in a 1950's movie], til conservative Johnny insisted in a new title, “My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down.”

I often wondered what why NO Germans knew about the 6 million people sent to "concentration camps" to be gassed and starved to death. NO ONE knew what happened to their former neighbors, co-workers, merchants, etc. And if you believe that, I've got a bridge to sell you. Well, we know what YOUR government is doing. So what are YOU doing about it? You think the comparison far fetched? You haven't been reading the news.

Did you read the part about the 750 or so laws Bush has broken? And the Admin's position that BUSH IS ABOVE THE LAW. Above the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Does that bother you? If so, what are you doing about it? Any idea what Jefferson would do? [hint: he'd fight back, along with Adams, Franklin, Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine and others.]

Prez George Herbert Bush once RAN THE CIA. Now his son has broken it. As much as I am opposed to the reality of the CIA, a government MUST have some kind of agency gathering, analyzing and reporting international current events so our govt formulates foreign policies. I just read an excerpt from Ray McGovern, a 27 yr CIA vet who is outraged at all the admins since Carter have corrupted our intelligence community. I am so livid I can hardly type this.

How was it broken? The director and others are implicated in a sordid scandal. Remember when the Repubs frothed at the mouth over a blow job? It could be about gambling, prostitutes and bribery and a few other unsavory details. And/or shipping prisoners to countries who torture or secret prisons, in violation of American and International Laws. Talk about running on Family Values? Double-speak.

Those of you who haven't read "1984" better run out the library -- use a false ID so they can't trace you -- and read it. It's not too late, not yet, I pray, so wake up, wise up and DO SOMETHING!

The mainstream media and BOTH political parties don't get how ANGRY the citizens and residents of America are. Let them know. As the Clash, Ramones, X, Dils, Anti-Flag, Rise Against, Pete Seeger (Springsteen just cut a CD covering his songs), Woody Guthrie, DYLAN, John Fogerty (Fortunate Son) and SO MANY others SANG, NOW it's YOUR TURN TO DO SOMETHING.

Me, the life-long progressive proud LIBERAL (some would say radical) upset at the dismantling of the CIA? Instead of spying on other countries, our government is spying on you and I. They're more interested in YOUR Google searches. Bravo to Google for refusing them. Are you upset the courts decided in the Government's favor, violating YOUR free expression, your privacy? At least Google didn't roll over and play dead like other search engines. Yes, Google did give in to Chinese censorship, but at least they fought YOUR government, the one whose Veep, Cheney, just gave a speech in Vilnius, Lithuania about freedom and democracy, while curtailing YOUR RIGHTS at home.

Former Prez Bush the 41st was the CIA DIRECTOR from November 1975 to January, 1977 under Pres Ford. Doesn't Bush the 43rd EVER LISTEN to his father? Does his father bother to advise him? Where was Bush the 43rd when his father ran it? Did they ever discuss it over the dinner table? How can Bush Sr stand by and see this happen? What about momma, Barbara? Does this bother her "beautiful mind?" Her son is ruining the very agency her husband ran. Laura and the twins Barbara and Jenna are proud of spouse/father? WTF!!

Talk about a dysfunctional family. Add the Clinton’s sickening cozying up to the Bush dynasty, and the big question remains: what would the Clash do? The answer is: Anti-Flag and Rise Against and others are raging against this deceitful machine. Even former conservative Bush supporter Neil Young couldn't wait for CDs to be pressed/distributed. He posted a full CD of songs, the most powerful being a call to IMPEACH BUSH. But that's not enough, cos who wants Prez Cheney or Rice or ?

Of course you never hear them on the radio (rare exception being Chris Morris on Indie 103.1's Watusi Rodeo, Sunday mornings, 11 -1 PM PST, and online, but NOT archived), but now the government and Congress are quickly moving to censor the net, the last place you can hear/read the news and protests, mobilize and sign petitions and so much more.

Wake up! We live in a banana republic. And simply voting in November is not enough. Indie had a new DJ last Monday who said the way to effect change is voting in November. Oh no, that's not enough. Cos voting in a Democrat Congress is too little too late. They are complicit in all of this!

YOU gotta let them know NO MORE crap, and being a Democrat is NOT A FREE PASS for "same ol', same ol'."

As the Who sang, "meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

YOU have to affect change in the way news is being reported. Or more accurately, NOT being reported. You've got a lot of work to do. Stop saying/writing you wish you were at the Masque with me. Seeing the Ramones, Blondie in LA, the Clash in England. IF you don't take back YOUR country, forget free speech and rock 'n' roll.

Think I'm an alarmist? Read Follow all the fall-out over Stephen Colbert's COURAGE to speak the truth just a few feet away from Bush and how the media IGNORED and RIDICULED the BRAVEST MAN in America, Mr. Colbert. And all the retired Generals and West Point graduates and others against this regime and others.

If you say it's too late, if you rather do something else, you have no one to blame but yourself when we all go to hell right here on earth. As someone wrote on today, the worse part of all this are the people who are doing the most they can and know that when this ships sinks, WE ALL ARE GOING DOWN. The Titanic or Colbert's right-on reference, the Hindenberg, will be nothing compared to the fall of this once-beautiful country.

It's not the "Star Spangled Banner." It's "America the Beautiful." That's the song that brings tears to my soul and heart. Check out those lyrics and do something. NOW.

"Purple mountain's majesty" now chopped off, ruining Appalachia's streams, rivers and land. Forests cut to raise $1 billion for American school when tens of billions wasted in Iraq, over-billing by Halliburton and others.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The iceberg that is tearing this country apart. Do you realize that in 6 years of the Bush regime whole environmental policies are destroyed, gas rising and more. Most of you are too young to remember the ridicule of Carter in a similar position concerning gas shortages, caused by the OIL companies in cahoots with the Middle East. Carter, unlike Bush, actually tried to remedy the situation, but he didn't cause it and the Republicans made sure Carter couldn't fix it.

Yes, that was when punk was first emerging. Coincidence? I think not. DO SOMETHING. NOW. Are you PUNK ENOUGH TO TAKE THEM ON?


Blogger Pyrophorus said...

I agree with you 100%. Thank you for making me take a look at myself and what I am doing to make this world a better place for everyone. I think alot of us get caught up in the "It can't happen to me" mentality and we all need a swift kick in the ass sometimes.

6:35 PM  

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