Sunday, April 16, 2006


"Hey, baby, it's the fourth of July." Those of you who've read my stories on my site,, know I wrote about that song on the 4th of July, two years ago. What did I hear while watching the very end of tonight's Sopranos? The wonderful harmonizing voices of my very fave band, John and Exene.

OHMYGAWD. Yes, I know an X song was on "Six Feet Under" and other shows, but is this too cool or what? I believe the song was written by Dave Alvin. Too bad Slash mag threw out all my Blasters negs -- I believe I had the first ever Blasters shot published.

John Doe autographed one of my many X song books: "it's been a long time since La Jolla," and that was only December, 1979! I hung out with them in their apartment on La Jolla, with Farrah Faucet-Minor ("she had to leave Los Angeles" and the one who named me "Jenny Lens"), behind Circus Books, an inspiration for "Adult Books," just around the corner from the Starwood on Santa Monica and Crescent Heights. That was spring, 1977. Well, we've all come a long way, John! And they just played the Canyon Club this weekend.

Mazel Tov! What a nice Passover/Easter gift. X on the Sopranos! Which means when Little Steven does yet another Sopranos tribute on his Underground Garage Rock, he better play it!!

Wow, I am so happy for them. Yes, after 29 years, they are still my all-time fave band. I've got so many incredible shots of them. My faves aren't just the live ones, but from their apt on La Jolla and later, Genessee, Farrah's Good-Bye Party and their debut, the Masque, Screamers parties, backstage with the Go-Go's and so much more. "It's who you know." I'm glad I know them and their music.


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