Friday, April 21, 2006

Iggy's Birthday, Earth Day and Black Flag

Iggy is 59, born April 21, 1947! And Earth Day is April 22, 1970. Iggy has risen since I shot him 1977-79, but the Earth is plagued by more troubles than 26 years ago.

Lots of Iggy stories and pix, but for another time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both!

What did or are you doing for Earth Day? Today I finally contacted both the PennySaver and ADVO/Shop Wise, who stick tons of grocery/drug store and local ads in my mailbox. As someone who NEVER buys from those stores (except drug store for things like q-tips and cheaper generic store brands whenever available), I HATE what these brightly colored ads do to our environment.

I researched the net, contacted them and the Post Office, and will follow up to to assure they don't even up in my mailbox! Do you know if you have a PO Box, you don't get that crap? Why inflict unwanted junk mail upon us?

Consumer laws give and I the right to refuse that junk mail. Assert your rights! It's easy!

As an artist, I've always recycled. As a raw foods vegan, I've cut way down on packaging. My apt doesn't have a recyling trash container, but the homeless go through the trash. Some tenants leave bags of beer bottles for them. I take the few plastic containers from supplements and raw food powders back to my local Santa Monica Co-Op for recycling (when I have time/money to drive/go to Co-Op), but otherwise, I let the people who recycle for survival have them.

WHY do YOU carry around bottled water? How did so many manage to live so many years without bottled water? Do you know the plastic leeches into your water, especially when hot or frozen? Do you know how the quality of YOUR HEALTH, our air, our planet SUFFER cos of so many little water bottles?

Have you seen the TV ad for "Stick It"? My pal, Sandy Espinoza, who knew Black Flag back in the day (she lived near the Church and many hung at her place), told me the lead is wearing a Black Flag t-shirt EXCEPT the four vertical bars are blocked out by an irregular black box. I saw it and it's obviously Black Flag, even if all you see is the word "Black" and the big black blob.

Can anyone tell me WHY they did that? If you are going to wear a recognizable image, why hide half of it?

I don't know why I try to figure these things out. Do yourselves a favor. DO SOMETHING FOR EARTH DAY. EVERY DAY. The planet you save IS yours. It doesn't belong to the Republicans or the Democrats. It doesn't belong to Wal-Mart or the Chinese. It most certainly does not belong to governments nor big businesses IF YOU ASSERT YOUR RIGHTS.

"This land is your land, this land is my land." Protect it!


Blogger Pyrophorus said...

I keep a tub full of paper products that I can recycle including junk mail. Had I known I could just have it not sent here I wouldn't have to go to the recyle place 4 times a month.

As far as the black flag thing goes. I assume it is so they do not have to pay royalties? I know Greg wanted nothing to do with Henrys West Memphis 3 compilation. Maybe Greg doesn't want BF in some crappy movie?

10:52 PM  

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