Sunday, April 09, 2006

Desperate Housewives and Sondheim

Earlier today I wrote Sondheim is a fave of mine. I'm an old film fiend, so much so people think I'm "part of the industry." Tonight I videotaped a recently restored 1929 silent "Piccadilly" starring the incandescent Anna Mae Wong. Tomata du Plenty loved Anna, I'm sure Exene does, as do I. I missed "Desperate Housewives," so I went online to find a summary.

I had no idea most of “Desperate Housewives” episode titles are based on either a Sondheim song title or lyrics. Especially funny because Carol Burnett will guest next week as Bree's stepmother. Ms. Burnett has performed in "Company" and various Sondheim special events. "The ladies who lunch" indeed! (although that is Elaine Strich's signature song).

"Being alive." One of these days Sondheim should inspire a punk tribute release. Most would start with "Sweeney Todd." Give me "Assassins": "there's another American anthem" which is exactly how most punks (and others) feel.

Inclusion doesn't happen in the ballpark, it happens in the rock club. If you feel alienated from the both the political and social landscape of our country, check out the lyrics. I’m with the narrator, that violence is not the answer. Sondheim gets beneath the violence and expresses universal feelings of alienation, dislocation, discontent in this land of plenty for some, and not enough for most.

"Assassins" did not do well when first produced (never made it to Broadway). It was scheduled for Broadway revival during September 2001. It would have been a hit, but was pulled for obvious reasons. Too bad, cos it would lend illumination into the wayward thinking of many Americans.

I am thorough believer of writing letters/emails/calls to congress, newspapers, and sharing info, all thanks to the net. Which, if we don’t do something, will be more expensive and censored. Soon, cos the net is the last bastion of freedom of expression. Think I’m crazy?

Do your research. Online news. What a concept.


Blogger lettuce said...

I love Desperate Housewives - but had no idea about the Sondheim thing - thanks for the info!
I enjoyed browsing through your blog.

11:03 AM  

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