Saturday, March 18, 2006

One of Muhammad Ali's fave bands: GO-GO'S!!!

I wanted to post this early Saturday but had to wait til Midnight PST. I couldn’t ruin Muhammad Ali’s surprise -– explanation in a moment. My room-mate announced he’s been downsized and leaving. I called Rosemarie, aka Wyline, and asked if she would pick up photos from an exhibit, as I no longer had time to run across town. She’s leaving for Venice on Monday (months ago promised to accompany friend for friend’s 40th birthday), returning to West Week (big deal around LA for interior design) to reconfigure the upscale firm she’s associated with, and just had dinner with Belinda when I called.

Two days later she called while on the way to the Burbank Airport, confirming storing my photos. She told me she "did the craziest thing." She’s flying to Phoenix and returning the next day. Celebrity Fight Night, a rather private expensive event, is honoring Muhammad Ali. One of his favorite bands is the Go-Go’s and they were gonna surprise him with a performance.

Dig this: Muhammad Ali’s digs our fave local gals. How fab is that?!

Rosemarie recently lost her father. They always watched Ali together. She wished he were around so she could tell him. I said “he’s around, you know how he’d react, and keep that vision in front of you.” We know he’d be thrilled. Rosemarie’s met a lot of famous people, but few are as special as Ali due to her connection with her father. I don't have any good memories of my father. I've admired how devoted Rosemarie was to her father, and glad she has friends to be there with her during this painful but inevitable transition in her life.

I told her Ali was my hero because of his stance against the Vietnam War. He was a CO: conscientious objector.

Ali could inspire young people today, if they knew his history and their future.

I have no time to post photos here, go to my site, and you’ll see a link for Belinda. 38 shots of her, some w/the Go-Go’s. And one shot of Rosemarie and Belinda, the night before the Go-Go’s went to England as unknowns and came back on the verge of superstardom.

I told Rosemarie just last night I wrote Alice Bag ( because the shots she and her husband Greg posted from the early days of punk focused on the Canterbury are so much fun! I told Rosemarie I had just seen Belinda, Jane, Margo and Sheila, Shannon, Terry and of course Alice and others.

Neither of us spent much time at the Canterbury. I was so shy I missed out on all that fun. I was also busy shooting elsewhere, but I would have made time if I had any idea the fun they were having playing dress up. Or as Terry Bag told me, tying up. He asked where do I think "Fun with Ropes," written by Jane, came from?

I told her Alice lives near Phoenix and her recent blog mentioned she’s so bored with it (already). But this isn’t exactly a public event. But too bad it couldn’t have really been a desert punk rock reunion: the Go-Go’s, Rosemarie aka Wyline and Alice Bag. And Muhammad Ali. Wow, that boggles my mind.

Don't ask for gossip from Rosemarie re the Go-Go's. I love her discretion. She gets a kick outta them, and knows a side of them no one else will ever know. I couldn't be prouder of them. I know they feel no connection towards me, but I've always thought of them as younger sisters or at least close cousins.

I love them all, but gotta say this, I miss Margo. I have so many delightful shots of her. She was beloved by many. Anyone in contact with Margo -- please tell her to write me! I saw years ago on "Behind the Music" and she looked so hot and healthy! Good for her. And 99% of the photos in the first 20 minutes that featured their early Hollywood days were mine. Ah, the Go-Go's . . .


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