Sunday, March 19, 2006

Go-Go’s SAW my PIX ONLINE at Airport!!

eMail from Rosemarie [verbatim, my comments in brackets, otherwise I didn't change a word]:

Gina brought this press kit from a S.F. band she likes, and there was a local punk rock mag in it - sorry can't remember the name [Punk Rock Confidential,] but I know you will because there was a big article/interview with you and a whole bunch of pictures, 3 or 4 pages. We were at the airport on the way back looking at it and I mentioned all the great photos you have of them on your website.

One of the crew had a PC so pretty soon Belinda, Gina, Jane and I were having a blast looking at them! It was really fun and the crew couldn't get over that Belinda used to be Dottie Danger for the 5 minutes she was a Germ. Or the fact that she even was like the images you captured. It made our wait go a whole lot faster!

As far as the trip - I am EXHAUSTED. What is it about planes and airports that just suck the juice out of you? Anyway, I did not get to f**k Jim Carrey - or even see him!! his loss :^) I saw Robin Williams, Garth Brooks, Trisha the wife [Yearwood?], Celine Dion, Babyface, Kirstie Alley, the hunk that played Conan [I called and informed her Conan was our governator, oops, maybe they have a new one?] and a bunch of other celebs that I am too tired to remember. The set time kept getting later and finally they only did 3 songs! What a tease. The crowd went nuts though . . . [the rest is private . . .]

to clarify:
"Punk Rock Confidential,", is published in San Francisco by a young couple whose older relatives were in the Zeros, the great group called "Mexican-American Ramones," but were much more. El Vez and Javier Escovedo (yes, Alejandro's younger brother) continued their musical careers. El Vez is such a trip, check out his website,


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