Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Blondie in-fighting and Rock Hall of Fame

I hinted how costly it was for Ramones to be inducted (buying tickets for the tables being the major obstacle), now there's a new controversy within Blondie. If you've read my comments about my infamous shot of Debbie on the floor of the Whisky stage (jennylens.net), you know I have conflicting feelings towards the band.

No matter my personal history, I am so happy for all their much-deserved success. I've always loved Blondie, from the raw beginnings to the superstar status. Debbie Harry is one of my fave singers, bringing so much personality and spark to their songs. The songs are catchy and reflected the pop culture of their times. "Blondie" is one of my fave releases of all time. "Rip her to shreds" a particular fave, probably because I never had the guts to say exactly what I felt about someone without it coming back to bite me, so I too often kept my mouth shut.

It's just a sad situation. I'm not going to add to it, but to quote the Screamers, "in a perfect world, everyone would be made to feel important." I think it's a tough call, deciding which members of a band should be honored and which shall play. Let the fans decide!

May they resolve their differences quickly and amicably. My very best to all of them.


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