Thursday, February 16, 2006

I remember you . . . 1977 memories

NO ONE has any idea the time, energy, thought, work I put into this archive, not just now, but since I began taking photos 30 years ago.

Two reasons to do this:
The Photos.
The Stories.

Here's a story I received last week, the first posted from my new iMac. I have 3 or 4 photos in a new gallery opening day after tomorrow and my first book, due in April. That's another blog.

But I must dye my whole head of curly hair -- many shades from beautiful magenta to a rich brick red -- not only on my dark brown roots, but as usual, found something new and painting my whole head. That's a two day routine -- can't put all the different brands [I'm quite a chemist!] on hair at once. I have so much fun and get SO many compliments. When I was in college, pre-punk, people said I reminded them of Matisse paintings. He was the number one "Fauve" or "wild beast." Some things never change!

The story you are about to read truly reflects my life. My apt and life was very open-door friendly and SF and LA were closely intertwined in those early punk days. My comments are in [brackets].

Hi Jenny.

I doubt you would remember me [correct], but I remember you very well. You were extremely kind to me in 1977, and we used to run into each other at shows in San Francisco - mostly at the Mabuhay I guess. My friend Malcolm and I always had our cameras too. Sadly, my photos were most all lost by a mover many years ago. Malcolm recently started scanning his and has sent me a few. I'm attaching one of his shots of me with Phil Seymour. I think it's possible that I met you at a Dwight Twilley Band show in L.A., although I'm not really sure anymore [I shot them offstage].

It's more likely that we met at a Mumps show in San Francisco if you came up for that [yes, I came up with Backstage Pass. Marina del Rey has wonderful snapshots cos I don’t remember that at all! I shot Holly Vincent in color in the Mab bathroom]. I ended up hanging around with Kristian while they were in town, and he invited me to come to L.A. with them right after that. They were staying at the Tropicana in that bungalow in the back while recording what would become their second and final single, "Rock And Roll This..." with Earle Mankey. [I have X, Pleasant, Geza, Lydia Lunch, etc party shots at that legendary bungalow.]

You mentioned in one of the interviews on your website how accessible all the bands were in the punk scene back then. You're so right. It was a great time to be 18 and not interested in mainstream culture! Malcolm and I had our own style, which wasn't punk really but was more of a Merseybeat- inspired look, sort of like what the Flamin' Groovies were doing at the time [I wonder what happened to my FG negs? I only have a few, I seemed to have discarded them and only kept the other band playing that night, The Ramones debut at the Roxy].

It was all thrift store. We were fixtures at the Mabuhay, where we hung out with a lot of hard core punks like Don Vinyl. One of our cherished memories was when we got The Runaways to play a concert at our high school in Fremont, CA. It was right after Cherie left, and Joan was just amazing in a bodysuit and gold Gibson. [I have shots of her during that period in LA]

So back you your act of kindness... I met some guy at a show in S.F. who was from L.A. He invited me down for some other show in L.A. When I got there, we went to the show together, you were also there, and he introduced me to you. I didn't actually have anywhere to stay, and you invited me to stay at your place. I remember sleeping on your couch! Almost 30 years later now, I'm still touched every time I see your name as a photo credit on a CD, and I'm so sorry that you didn't get compensated for much of it. For what it's worth, your friendship meant a lot to me and your generosity left a lasting impression.

Thank you and best wishes.


Blogger Andrew said...

What a great story. Nice to know your acts of kindness 30 yeara ago are remembered.


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