Wednesday, December 14, 2005

X, Stones, Screamers, projects, parties!

Got up, wrote an email to Shepard Fairey about the show at his gallery, took a long walk. Picked up my mail, tears of joy filled my heart, reading the new "Punk Rock Confidential." My Iggy is on the cover, my Joan Jett and Johnny Rotten on the Table of Contents, and 6, that's SIX pages of great color and black and white images, accompanied by my thoughts throughout it. X, Germs, Screamers, Dead Boys, Patti, Blondie, some of my faves but no Stones, which are killer shots, but I didn't submit them.

A few typos, oh well, that's what happens when I only have a few minutes and it's midnight and I've been up since 8 am working, but it captures me perfectly. I wrote "preserve" when I meant "perservere." I really let loose and none of this boring "how did you get started" crap. I am SO pleased that it turned out SO GREAT! At your local Barnes and Noble and Hot Topics, what a hoot! Lars Hendrikson is on the cover, and he always looks at me like I'm from another planet. And now my photos share the issue with him.

Read a short and sweet note from Regi Mentle. Last night ran across Drew Blood's Germs publications telling the story of Gloria, a mannequin head, and the Screamers. Yours truly photographed Regi, Gloria and Trudie. What a trip to read about an obscure incident and I shot it!

Glen E. Friedman emailed me about my book status, so I called him. Glen always has fascinating stories about his life as a famous photographer. I love hearing the inside scoop about how he deals with the same kind of shit I deal with, from getting paid to being quoted correctly in the press and more. Then Shepard called and we discussed a variety of collaborative projects we are working on, in a variety of media with him and his partners in his various ventures. Of course Glen and Shepard know each other.

Ohmygawd, I am working with Glen E Friedman and Shepard Fairey! I am blown away! I always thought no one knew or cared about my photos, never realizing the impact my work made on so many other creative people, whether in art, music, or any walk of life.

Then Leora Lutz, of Gallery Revisited, spent 3.5 hours looking at my portfolio, discussing my future at her fab new gallery location in Silverlake. She is exactly the kind of gallery owner/curator who understands my potential and knows how to do what needs to be done! I am looking forward to working with her for a long time. And we share birthdays, although a couple of decades apart.

I'm now pulling negs and slides to take to a new lab for customers. Been trying a few labs to find just the right one. The one I like the best is more expensive than 3 others, but I want the best prints I can find in my neighborhood and who deliver somewhat on time, even if I make less money.

Gotta pull some negs and slides to scan for a television program. Lots of parties for the holidays (hence the long walks, cos too much food, stress and temptation). No idea what to wear, the last thing on my mind and I simply don't have party clothes. Other than my constant ordeal with my weight and food, is life too fab or what?

I must never forget this day. A year ago this was inconceivable to me. Now all I have to do is write a few emails and show my pix to a few people and I'm inundated with work. Tons and tons of it. Gotta revamp my website (redo it!), improve marketing cos money still so tight and these shows are gonna require lots of cash. And I must follow up on three very serious book offers. Piles of emails, filing, admin work taking up 99% of my time, computer problems, and that's the short list.

I'm compiling a portfolio of 11 x 14 and a few 16 x 20s for the first time in my life. What a thrill to look at them and show people. Sometimes I can only look at the photos for a few minutes until I have to pack them up for some lucky customer, cos they can afford what I can't. Yet.

Tell everyone to buy my prints so I can keep doing this! You won't believe what I'm digging up! I still need help and advice, so if you like what you see/read, join in the fun and help keep this going! More details on

Gotta go prep my lab order. I am exhausted, but many miles to go before I sleep, and the woods are dark, lovely and deep. Oh, what a beautiful morning, afternoon and eve. Ok, I'm quoting Robert Frost and Oscar Hammerstein, not exactly punk but there's more to life than Darby Crash's lyrics. Give me Stephen Sondheim!


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