Friday, December 09, 2005

John Lennon was a Punk

I read a posting on myspace dismissing the Beatles and John Lennon, other than John being an inspiration to the Ramones. I wrote a response and was flooded with emails thanking me for eloquently stated what they too feel/think. What amazes me is the fact I have to write this. It should be obvious, but this is why it's so important to talk about the past because someone like John Lennon should be remembered and celebrated for a variety of reasons. I posted a particularly poignant response after mine. So here goes:

I too am not into the Beatles, except for their first two albums and a young girl's awakening to cute guys. I saw the Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl and stood up to my parents to take several buses there and back to do so. I was dismayed because I couldn't hear them -- just screaming girls. I snuck a reel-to-reel tape recorder and was so depressed that I didn't go to rock shows til punk, many years later.

The Stones, Who, Doors, and Creedence Clearwater Revival were more important to me. And you better believe the Who and Doors were early punks.

But you need to study John Lennon's life. Talk about a punk, a brillant genius who worked for peace, created lasting music, a poet, painter, actor, changed our culture in ways no one born after them can possibly understand. He was so powerful the FBI tried to get him deported. And that's just a short list.

He was probably the MOST influential creative person who ever lived. He accomplished more in 40 years than many people in several lifetimes. The tragedy is wondering what more he would have done and how he would have continued to change our culture, had he lived.

Lennon inspired countless legions of musicians, not just the Ramones. He was a frustrated rocker at heart, an artist who always pushed himself while living life fully. And that too makes his early death a tragedy. He had a great zest for living. A great inspiration, even if you never listen to him.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

from myspace I'll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours friend's bulletin :

, stating such true facts that really opened my eyes. John Lennon was a true rock rebel who did more for the world in forty years than most people can do in a lifetime, she said. he was powerful. he was inspirational. And his death was horriffic and tragic. I can't explain it, as I was not there when it happened. But, my parents and grandparents have often recollected the suffering, the shocked sense of tragedy when people discovered that this true icon was not with us anymore. John Lennon's head was in the right place. We could really use someone like him in the world today.>>

Ah, but John would have said: be that someone. If each of us utilized our talents and power, we could change the world. We can't all be as effective as John was an individual, but we can collectively. And that is what punk is about too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a chance meeting with John Lennon back in 1970, when I was only 14. I was a street musician in Central Park. I didn't know who he was (if you can believe it) till later on. He talked to me for a couple of hours. He gave off an energy, his eye contact was so powerful, engaging, and his expressions reflected vision beyond the normal boundaries of thought. Even when speaking with me, a stranger, he asked me what I saw when I looked at him. Was it because he ever pursued self-knowledge, or because he felt lost? I will never forget my contact with him. No one I've been near since has ever radiated such energy. A blessing to our miserable world. M.

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