Sunday, December 04, 2005

Germs 25th Anniversary thoughts

First read Alice Bag's thoughts re "Germs 2005" at A few of my thoughts:

I turned down seeing the Germs tonight [December 3, 2005] cos I'm in a work mode. Coincidence Alice posted this on the 25th Anniversary of the last Germs show? I too have been fielding emails and various conversations via phone and in person about the Germs.

Leave it to Alice to astutely express this issue with poetry and insight. As usual, Alice's writing comforts me and traverses parallel thoughts of mine.

NO ONE can experience what punk was. It wasn't just hanging out with a small group of people, creating art and music that changed our culture.

As Alice so astutely inferred, part of what we experienced WERE OUR OWN CREATIONS. We manifested our nightmares and fever dreams and that kind of "experience" is life-changing.

Early true punk was a reflection of its TIME. PUNK IS POLITICAL. You can't get behind the music if you don't pay attention to politics, society, and culture. You've got to rage against the machine that is making punk so popular because we warned and warned of c-h-a-n-g-e-s, in angrier voices than Dylan and Bowie.

Those machines that enslave us, take away hard-won rights, media who lie to us, hiding the truth about our corrupt politicians and big business. Punk is an ethos of under-dogs and our ranks are swelling as things get worse and creativity commercialized and co-opted.

Break down some barriers and use art and music to do it! Don't be so apathetic or busy. Say something, and make some of it relevant to our life and times.

You'll get one step closer to feeling what we felt. Maybe. But you will get one step closer to who you are. And that is what punk has been about since day one. "My sins my own, they belong to me." Take responsibility for your life and your music and scene.

Re Germs film criticism and questions: why don't we wait til the film is out? I read a current script and one from a decade ago. I must reserve judgment til we are in the theater.

I've studied movie-making since before many fans were born. It isn't fair to anyone involved in the movie to have all this speculation. It's unprofessional.We ought to say thank goodness this movie is being made. Will it do the scene justice? Give them a chance, then take sides, as so many of you are dyin' to do. But for now, back down, they are doing their best. Even if you don't agree with their interpretation of best, give 'em a chance.

Regi Mentle has been calling me. He mentioned he wants to write about Darby and the Germs, and I second it! Alice, you remember Donnie Rose (RIP, od'd), Tony the Tiger (RIP, but I forgot what Cherie the Penguin told me was cause of death, they actually married for awhile!), John Valium (where is he?? Dying to talk to him, what a gas. He used to tell me the details of Darby's life -- John and Regi). How I loved hanging with Regi and John while we all shot speed or ingested various other drugs together. Those are bygone doors.

Regi's still in prison, but if anyone wants more details, write me! And I've been in touch with Gerber and Jena. I think Jena will be at the show. Gerber is so very ill. Such a bright, funny, woman. The movie won't be telling these stories. And Pleasant ain't in it!

And that's why I'm working on my photos/archive. Cos if we don't tell these stories -- Alice and the women in her interviews, and the men (gotta have the men!), then film-makers and other story tellers do not tell our stories. Not all of them. We have lots of stories to be told.

So go out and live your stories. And read ours too, as inspiration.


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