Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Another Germs pioneer reminisces

[Mark still has love letters from Darby . . . and I spent the day with him, creating a photo poster to sell at my photo exhibit, opening Sat, Dec 10 - Jan something, at Subliminal Projects, Shepard Fairey's gallery.]

November 1, 2005: [I just re-read it; hence its lateness in posting. I get lots of emails!]

Damn Jenny, I am sooooo glad you stood up for all of us! It's a DAMNED (not the group) shame that this generation of young artist and creative beings won't see the truth! But rather a fabricated and exploited-half truth movie.

You mentioned being with Lorna! I am wish I could stand with her and have a flashback! Although I have not become as famous as our lucky friends (dead or alive), just having the experience of actually BEING a punk during the heyday is good enough for me.

Sometimes people think I am telling lies or making up stories about some of the CRAZY things that we did, but we did them and I am proud of it! Like setting trashcans on fire, taking too many drugs, drinking too much booze… fucking ANYTHING that moved! Yeah, so we were outcasts, young meat, psycho crazies… but damn did we have a good time.

Hell, I remember getting the honor of rolling joints for your high-ness just to be able to get a backstage pass or a free ticket to shows. We had so much fun. I learned many things from those times, mostly not to get fucked up any more if I want to remember what I saw or did! We just did what we wanted to do.

So how is Pat and Lorna? I remember Pat was always a funny guy. I was kinda scared of him, I don’t know why but I think it was because I saw his ass one time (he was playing and he wore a pair of jeans with the back cut out). That was scary!

Lorna was so beautiful… does she still talk to Ms. Go-Go? I often wonder. I remember once waking up at the Genesse (how the hell do you spell that) and smelling this AWFUL odor… later I realized it was [early punk who became famous] who I believe haven’t taken a bath in several days nor changed clothes. Boy, that’s a memory.

Malissa Hutton, I often wonder what became of her! She was my very best friend until the drinking and pills got in our way. Our friendship came to an end when she accused me of stealing $20 bucks from her. She was dyeing someone’s hair at the Genesee (there’s that word again) apartment when she GAVE me 20 bucks to go down the street to buy the biggest cheapest bottle of Vodka, when I got back we drank it in record time. She was getting ready to go to work (she worked at the Rainbow Bar and Grill as a DJ) and as usual I was going to hang out with her for awhile there. When we getting ready to leave she screamed "Where’s my money!" which I replied "What money?… You gave me 20 bucks for booze… remember?" Of course she didn’t and then the big fight began. We walked out of the apartment screaming at each other, she was crying and yelling "You fucking ripped me off!" I tried over and over to convince her that I hadn’t, but nothing I said was good enough for her to hear.

Finally when we were in front of Barney’s Beanery I had enough, I threw my drink in her face (oh yeah, back then we always had booze in a cup!) and she then screamed "Fucker! Now I have to go into fuckin' Barney’s Beanery with all those hippies and clean my face!"… now that was scary! Ever since then her and I never really had the same friendship.

She even went to far as to make others hate me or try to, but it did not matter as I was a fuckin' Punk! Who cared who liked me! I was a skinny Mexican/xicano Punk who had Jenny Lens as my friend… and that’s all I need for a friend. Lenny Lens! The girl with the camera eye.

OK I’m tired.
Drunken, drugged out (oh that was then!)


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