Saturday, October 01, 2005


I finally posted a BUY NOW link on It takes you my SSL secured/privacy encrypted online store at section with about 150 large photos, many posted for the first time, and all with stories. Many are classics, all rare, to sell to the public for the first time! All prints are individualy printed in a photographic darkroom, aka archival silver gelatin prints, and hand-signed. Please tell everyone! Proceeds from sales will enable me to continue to work on my archive.

It's been a true labor of love, re-learning HTML (tons of hand-coding) and shopping cart database programming, but it's finally coming together! I've been such a hermit -- missed my friends, rock and art shows. I've turned down countless invitations to work on this 24/7.

I've been offered one woman, two-women and group photo exhibits, several book offers, lots of press interviews, and other projects the past few months. But I've got to generate a stable income and respond to the countless emails I receive every day asking when I'm going to finally release the photos to the public.

My biggest concern is that people have used them for their own profit, while I haven't made money from them, which I need to keep this going. People constantly write, telling me where they've seen my photos, but I was rarely paid. This has been going on since I first took punk photos in 1976! I've got to have faith this will work out. There's no way I can work an office job and 70 hours a week on my archive.

Tons and tons of things going down, but no time to update the blog w/stories and photos. Just know my whole life is dedicated to my photo archive. I don't want it lost to history. So please forward this news to everyone.

Check out the BUY NOW link on Thanks!!