Sunday, August 21, 2005

Madame Wong's Passing

Several people have written me for comments re Esther Wong's passing. Check out Alice Bag's blog at for her thoughts re Madame Wong's passing and my comment at her blog.

Summary: it's an insult to the female punk pioneers to lavish this praise on Esther Wong. She was very vocal in her lack of respect nor acceptance of what us women brought to punk. As Alice indicated, she supported power pop and new wave, but NOT punk. I have nothing further to add.


Blogger Andrew said...

Jenny - I appreciate your comments, and Alice Bag's as well. They line up with what I read in Neutron Bomb about Madame Wong. But the media these days seems to equate groups like Oingo Boingo and the Knack with L.A. punk -- a misinterpretation, to say the least.

AC @ bloggedy blog

9:35 AM  

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