Tuesday, July 26, 2005

More Germs Filming Reflections

Sharing part of an email my Germs Movie Set experience. Scroll to previous post for other insights and reflections. I censored this. See the movie when it comes out and tell me what you think. I won't make up your mind for you.

Gentlemen [Roger, writer/director and Kevin, producer],
I don't recall writing both of you for the memorable experience on your movie set. I'd write Steven [Rhino Films Pres] and Matt [Producer], but don't have their contact info, so will you please forward this to them? Words can't express both the very happy and very sad thoughts on my 55th birthday, hanging with Lorna and Hellin. That was pretty intense. I haven't spent such quality time with them since our punk days. This time we were more honest with each other, having grown from our struggles to mature, looking back at what we did. Survived not only those halcyon revolutionary punk days, but our own personal journeys.

None of you realize the hell we three put ourselves through. I just re-read "Lexicon Devil" and "We Got the Neutron Bomb." I was reminded, by the Canterbury Tales in "Lexicon," that we lived on the edge that most people can't even imagine. I'm told by many they are "punk - just like me, cos they do their own thing, they rent a place, hang art, and play albums." Ah, we lived among murderers, rapists, hustlers, drug dealers, prostitutes, psychotics, thieves (I was robbed w/gun day I was to buy an early video camera, shoot Go-Go's before they left for first Brit tour. You should have seen the face of their manager, Ginger, when I told her that. She knew what dangers, what lines I crossed to raise money and make my place amongst the crowd to take memorable photos). She knew the op was lost to doc those days as only I could and did, but w/video. X, Clash and others would have been captured by me. My best on-stage Clash shots stolen from photo lab. We lived among disease, filth, poverty, police, wild abandon and the best rock money can't buy.

We survived that, to still look so beautiful and vibrant - I think we all look better in many ways. It's an inner beauty, and Lorna and I are in better shape than before. You should invite Alice Bag and Pleasant Gehman: such beauties, but that Plez was zaftig, voluptuous, big compared to average pop star models these day. That's why I went on and on about Bijou being so skinny. We were substantial women, in real physical space - our bodies, but also in energy, vision, soul, creativity and intelligence.


Blogger Andrew said...

Just discovered your blog while searching for a Billy Zoom photo. Great site! So thrilled to find that one of the legends of the LA scene is blogging. :)

I'm working on a blog entry about Billy Zoom that will be posted later today (I hope) as part of a round-robin blogging project with a couple other bloggers/punk fans.

AC @ bloggedy blog

9:49 AM  
Blogger Andrew said...

P.S. - I posted something on my site about discovering your stuff online. Just thought you'd be interested.


1:09 PM  

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