Thursday, July 21, 2005

Brendan Mullen and I: moving forward

Spent 4th of July weekend at wonderfully talented and loving Allison Anders' home. Brendan Mullen and I decided we'll never agree on certain transactions regarding his use of my photos, tis better to work together than fight. Whew, that was a long time coming! As I've said in print since the Masque days, Brendan brought a lot to the scene. As Rover wrote in her Alice Bag interview (, and Peter Urban, manager of the Dils, Zeros, Negative Trend and others, just told me: Brendan was very paternal and well-meaning in the early Masque days. I add, he was so cute! A mass of soft curly hair, vivid blue eyes, a shy smile and that seductive Scottish accent, how could a few of us not sleep with him (even if he doesn't remember, I do!!). So here's to a better tomorrow and our shared past!


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