Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Typical daily emails re punk and other projects

Just a few of today’s emails:

Whew Jenny, just got done reading your email exchange with James for his Marley project. What a great and informative read! James has also contacted me for some early Marley info. Have not yet put my thoughts together to respond. Did some quick searches and found your site.

Saw Marley in 76 in Houston. I was in Mexico surfing in July 78, and missed the Tosh show [I shot Tosh and the Rolling Stones in Houston and LA]. I loved reggae, but also went to many punk shows. In Austin we had Raul's. Very notorious club. Local bands the Dicks, Big Boys, Skunks, The Huns, The Inserts, etc. Also the Rock Island in Houston. Anyway, just wanted to say Howdy from deep in the heart of Texas!

[If you saw Bob Marley and want to share your experiences for his book, write to James at jameswilson@bobmarley.freeserve.co.uk]

Willy, Punk Information Directory, and why he created a 30 page and growing chronology of his early punk life in LA, 1976-1980.

June 10, 2005:
Hi Jenny,
You inspired me to do this by asking for any stories that I might have. That led me to my notes and the series that I'm writing right now. I think 5 more segments with the last one being a "what did I do after leaving the scene" type of thing. My next project is to scan in the 3 copies of Outcry magazine that my friend Steve did in the early 80's and publish that on the site.
June 14, 2005:

Hi Jenny,
I just spent a good deal of the afternoon reading your blog. What comes across is your passion for the scene. Although I knew a fair amount of people at the time, the majority were men. I had a hard time even talking to "girls." I wish I had gotten to know some of you women that were part of that early scene.

I hope my story comes across as half as passionate as yours does. I'm getting about a 1000 hits a week on my homepage and have had over a million visitors to my site (coming in on any page) in the 5.5 years it's been out there. I could never have imagined numbers like that when I first started.

I looked at your timeline. I see shows that I was probably at featuring Zolar X, Berlin Brats, the Pop!, Quick, Venus & the Razorblades and Runaways. I see you have a band listed called the Boys. I'm pretty sure they were "The Boyz." I thought I was going to be releasing a Berlin Brats/Mau Maus CD as my third release until I found the guy who was offering it to me didn't have the rights to the music.

Looks like you saw the Ramones a few days before me. My first Ramones show was the Starwood one on August 16th. If one thing comes across from those of us who were there in the beginning it is 1) seeing the Ramones changed my life and 2) how privileged we all feel to have been a part of that early scene.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, memories and photos with me.

I loved your last email. Being a woman, and a very emotional one, my "passion" and enthusiasm for that which I love has resulted in a lot of people avoiding me or wondering what's up. It used to bug me, and I still have to explain/apologize that I'm not upset, just passionate. I don't have to apologize to anyone for my site or blog. Yes, in emails cos misunderstandings happen too often without the tone of one's voice. But I let it rip on my site and blog, and it is so empowering!!

The thing that brought so many of us truly early LA punk pioneers together is we weren't the most popular, easy to get along with, happy conversationalists. We were bright, energetic, restless, looking for something exciting and different. I'm sure most of us had our share of mistreatment from others because of our unique personalities. We obviously love fast, loud, wild music. So of course you hung with the guys because it was more comfortable.

The women in LA were scary, powerful, wild, gutsy and also scared, shy and wounded but most of all, finally freed from usual constraints put upon women. I think it's funny that although I had the most active sex life in my life, I rarely did it with guys in the scene, with once Brendan and once Robbie Posh Boy, both of whom wish I'd stop sharing that, and at different times, 3 of Clash road crew, once with Iggy, but for the most part, none of the regulars in punk. I can't begin to explain or understand it.

Terry Bag Dad is really funny and I said I wish we'd talked in those days. He said we did, but I don't remember. I don't remember having many conversations with anyone. But how could I, roaming from spot to spot, taking pix or printing them or mailing them out? I worked really hard on my photos, spent a lot of time on them.

I don't remember the Starwood Ramones and for some reason, didn't shoot them. It was hard to shoot there. I much preferred the Whisky.

Many of us wish we'd done things differently. But thank god we did what we did. Boyz, who the hell were they?

I threw out my live Zolar X negs! I didn't want anyone to know I not only shot them, but knew them. I have shots of them in regular clothes rehearsing in my rented house. I could kick myself! Who knew anyone would care and now they are so popular!

Take care and thanks again,


Blogger MrBaliHai said...

[heh] Funny you should mention Zolar X. I dug all through my basement a few days ago looking for an old flyer of theirs, but it appears to have vanished like your negatives.

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