Monday, June 13, 2005

Respect photographers: give credit where credit is due

I can't get my links on the right to be all the same color. Why must Blogger, myspace and my website all require so much time to look good? I've been creating/teaching digital art/programs since 1988. I'm grateful for all the useful tools they've created, but why not go all the way and make the process and instructions more user friendly, ok?

Trying to get people on myspace (and elsewhere) to use my photos with my credit superimposed over the shots. Anyone can use my pix if they let me know and use those I've created with my credit on them, located on my website (and a link when possible). But some give me shit when I tell them to either remove them or use those with my credit. Fuck them -- I got a Runaways site removed from Lycos/Tripod, so don't fuck with me.

As Peter Case just told me, without my Nerves shots, "that history would be lost." Or John Denney, lead singer/writer of the Weirdos: "Jenny, you are as important as anyone because you got everyone published everywhere." [and was among a small handful of the earliest photographers].

But without my name on my punk photos, no one knows I took so many classic shots, and am unearthing more every day.

All I wanna do is get my punk and rock photos out there. I took stunning shots of the Rolling Stones and Peter Tosh, ska, rockabilly, early rock like Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley, not just punk! I don't wanna come off like I'm bragging, but go to my site and decide for yourself. I am as stunned as anyone looking at these shots, many for the first time.

Why do people give me a hard time about using MY photos??? Don't people realize people can't find me for projects if they use MY photos without my name on my pix?? I wrote a letter to myspace, getting all legal on them, pleading for their help. They don't give a shit who posts what, and it's so hard to format their websites. But I wanna work with them, cos myspace is so frequented.

Warning: I will get medieval over you if you use my pix without my permission, credit and in appropriate cases, compensation and product. I encourage people to use my pix, just keep me in the loop. Or I'll do whatever I have to do to protect my creations. I rather work with people on a friendly basis, so let's get together. And respect ALL photographers. Cos without us, what the hell are you looking at??


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