Friday, June 10, 2005

Progress of my Punk Photos/Punk Archive projects

Progress of my Punk Photos/Punk Archive projects: website (, documentaries, books, CDs, etc.

Turned down yet more offers for exhibits of my early, rare, classic punk photos because I'm working on my documentary and book projects. But I want the input/releases of those I shot. I only want to showcase people looking their best and remembering the joy and fun times, but I need your help!

Contact me if you were in a band (performed, managed, wrote, roadie, etc) from NY, London or San Francisco and played in LA, OR called LA your punk home during 1976-1980. Maybe you created fanzines, flyers, danced, hung out, worked at venues, produced shows, etc.

I posted a sample storyboard showcasing the Clash, Lobotomy and Slash. Have a ton more ideas as I work on the interview/storyboard/story list.

People are contacting me to be in my upcoming documentary and books. How about you? Do you know someone from that era or recognize friends or know how to contact people in my photos?

If you don't write me, then your band, your input, your presence won't be in these projects. And your fans, the ones who write me daily for more photos, for books, for docs, will be pissed at you, not me. You want that? Or do you want to be seen in all your youthful glory, acknowledged as the creative pioneers we are?

I update my website more often than the blog, cos I'm so focused on the photos.

June 7: Clash storyboard; June 3: Nerves: June 2: updated Gang of Four. Soon, more Fashions: parties, backstage; Dead Boys (getting lots of requests for them) and Damned playing, partying, at Bomp; Ramones (I know, been promising since January), larger and more Weirdos (ran into John Denney the other night and that was a blast!) and more!

You wanna see photos? I don't have time to re-post hundreds of photos. Plus seeing one at a time loses the impact of being bombarded with image after image, each with its own story. Many detailed historical facts and reflections starting at Jenny Lens interview, including stories from myself and other early punks.

Get the BIG picture at my site: Pieces of the Puzzle: Punk Pioneers, 1976-1980. It's my resource center for fans and scholars for various projects AND to license prints taken by one of the VERY first punk photographers, 1976-1980.

Willy, punk information directory, is posting an informative timeline and notes about the many shows he attended in LA from 1977-1980. From his email to me: "You inspired me to do this by asking for any stories that I might have. That led me to my notes and the series that I'm writing right now."

I am all about encouraging any and all to document their stories, photos and memories! I can't tell you how many emails I get telling me I inspired someone to pick up a camera or guitar or write. That's great! There's no need for envy or name-calling, which still happens too often. Tell YOUR story.

Contact us: For commercial licensing OR if you're planning exhibits, documentaries, books, CD releases, etc and ONLY if you have money. I can't afford to keep giving these photos away! I gotta pay my bills too! For those of you who want personal photos, email me and I promise to post a price list soon!

JENNY STERN is JENNY LENS is JENNY STERN is JENNY LENS. If you dig up publications from1976 to 1978, you'll find many of my pix without my name, someone else's name or Jenny Stern.

Send your punk stories, early punk band info, etc. but click here first!

MY NAME is among 6 photogs credited on the Ramones doc, "End of the Century" as seen on PBS. Yep, the only LA born and raised nice jewish girl is listed between Bob Gruen and Mick Rock. WOW!!

Jewish punks: I want names, including real last names. We are the original punks.

Finally, if I don't answer your email right away, please forgive me. I'm juggling alot of tasks all by myself. I appreciate everything you write!

"A single candle can light a thousand more without diminishing itself." Hillel the Elder (c. 30 B.C.-10 A.D.)


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