Wednesday, June 15, 2005

CoproNason 6/18 opening and Myspace photos!

Screamers, Tommy Gear, KK and Tomata, April 9, 1977.

Obsessed with figuring out myspace -- delighted I finally posted tons of shots, but you gotta know html! Steve at helped me.

This blog and my site,, are more comprehensive. My art and punk pals in LA and elsewhere love myspace. Fun to see their art and wild posts/comments.

My fave artists are Natalia Fabia and Chantal Manard. See their work at CoproNason's new gallery in Bergamot Station, Saturday, June 18, 8 to midnight! Free entrance, free parking and free booze! Lots of friendly and beautiful gals and guys of all ages and sizes and tons of art! One reason I live in LA!

Celebrated Lynn Hasty's 12th anniversary of her company, Green Galactic, the best PR firm for artists and musicians at Zen Fusion last nite. Was treated to two delicious beers, and came early for 1/2 priced drink too, a Korean vodka. So I ate/drank nothing but herbal tea today. That's my lifestyle: I party, then I fast.


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