Saturday, June 18, 2005

Boomtown Rats, Live 8, Sir Bob sued by Rats and copping a feel!

The Boomtown Rats at the Cocoanut Grove, March 2, 1979.

Same shot with Photoshop's Auto Levels applied (an easy tool for tonal balance and basic color correction). Hmm, interesting effect. I still get chills thinking of that show. My slides are so gorgeous and that show so very special, so unique and moving. I can still feel and see it, as though it were happening right now. That's the magic and artistry of GREAT live bands.

Johnny Fingers and Sir Bob in a scan of a bad print (sorry, but it's funny).

Sir Bob Geldof showing Steve Perry of Journey how he wins the hearts and minds of the English rock press (don't forget Sir Bob is Irish).

I keep saying: everything old is new again. First Sir Bob Geldof announced "Live 8,"' shamed eBay into removing listings of tickets being auctioned off after ragging about eBay, and now he's being sued. I had no idea there are $$$ MILLIONS $$$ of dollars at stake. And Bob's girlfriend is on Jerry Hall's VH1 "Kept."

Let's back up to 1979. Being in the forefront of punk since first hearing Patti Smith's "Horses" in 1975, I’d long read about them. By chance, on January 26, 1979, I headed out to Columbia Records, then across the street from the Century City shopping mall. The publicist asked me to come back at 5 and bring some friends. They were having a press conference and wanted some real fans in addition to the press. With short notice I rounded up Barbie Shore, Chance (then Cindy Lane) and Michael Wilcox. Rodney Bingenheimer was there, as was Steve Perry from Journey. I don’t have them scanned, but they are amongst the funniest photos I ever took. The British punk bands were certainly the most fun bands I shot. They were so happy to be in LA and acted so silly and real.

However, I wasn’t prepared for what happened between Sir Bob Geldof and myself. I don’t usually wear a bra, so I was astounded when he started copping a feel while posing for shots. It was all in fun, of course.

Later I shot them at the most memorable and most beautifully lit show of my life, when they introduced “I Don’t Like Mondays,” with only Bob singing and Johnny Fingers on piano. That is still my favorite version. Bob wrote it because days before Brenda Spencer was the first young person to shoot at school. Bob’s genius was realizing this was a significant cultural and social event that to this day; a phenomenon still being ignored by our society, parents, schools and government. The Cocoanut Grove show was March 2, 1979 at midnight, according to my notes. Fachtna O'Kelly, their manager (who later discovered Sinead O'Connor), gave me one of the first pressings, with a lovely note on the back:

"To Jenny -- For all your kindness and consideration. Hope you like it. Fachtna O'K. July 26, 1979." I was stunned, no manager (other than Danny Fields with the Ramones) was ever so kind to me as Fachtna.

I also shot their in-store show at Frederick’s of Hollywood on March 2, 1979. Frederick’s was the Hustler/Victoria’s Secret of its day. The Rats were decked out in moose hats, which I suspect were from the Bullwinkle and Rocky store on Sunset. Imagine them wearing moose antlers and performing amongst mannequins barely wearing scanty naughty undies!

I shot them hanging at the Sunset Marquis hotel pool, the same hotel where I met/shot the Ramones when they first toured LA. Great shots, but none scanned yet! So enjoy what I’ve got.

Are you watching “Kept"? Sir Bob Geldof’s girlfriend is one of hostess Jerry Hall’s pals. I love her pal Rachel, the great Pete Townsend’s girlfriend. Bill Wyman’s wife too and someone's daughter. A very funny show. I've long admired Jerry Hall, a stunning blonde with brains and personality whose skin looks air-brushed, just flawless. Got a few quick shots of Jerry Hall and Jade Jagger at the Stones July 1978 Anaheim Stadium show. I usually avoid that kind of stuff (who has time for TV?), but it’s a great glimpse into the lifestyles of Sir Bob and the women who breathe that rarefied air.

However, the overdose of Krissy Wood, Ron Wood’s first wife, is a cautionary tale. Enjoy it while you can, but learn to rely on yourself!

The Rats never caught on in the US, but they were wonderful on and off stage. I hope they can quickly resolve their financial issues. I sure understand that – I’ve been ripped off by so many. But it hasn’t stopped me, just made it harder. Working without compensation is tough in these rough economic times.

from various online news sources:
Sir Bob Geldof is being sued by his old bandmates Boomtown Rats over unpaid royalties.

Guitarists Gerry Cott and Garrick Roberts, John Moylett (Johnnie Fingers), and drummer Simon Crowe announced in a statement that they are taking the action against Geldof to reclaim royalties owned from the days when the band broke worldwide with hits such as "I Don't Like Mondays" and "Rat Trap."

The statement, issued by Gerry Cott says "We jointly confirm that with the utmost regret we are pressing ahead with our claims against Bob Geldof and others for our rightful entitlement to a proper share of recording, publishing and merchandising income."

Time to shower, then off to Chinatown for the portrait show at Bamboo Lane/Revisited and meet cool artists after finding them on myspace, then to see lots of my amazingly creative art pals at CoproNason's new gallery at Bergamot Station (NOT BERGAMONT). [See my June calendar listing for details and web links!]

Leora, who runs Bamboo, found my calendar listing on We were both born on the SAME DAY! JULY 20!! She has naturally long red hair but my dark magenta hair comes from a tube, although everyone tells me they love my red hair. It's not red, it's magenta. That's red with blue. Leora studied crafts as did I. Us artists are so picky about colors! Magenta Jenny!

Listening to Tomata du Plenty sing my fave Screamers song: "Time to go, let's go, vertigo, down, down, down . . . " Downtown for me, then back to the west side. Glad I have enough money to put gas in my car!! "Let's go, oh no, vertigo."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Sir Bob Geldof showing Mick Jones of Journey..." I think it's Steve Perry on the right.

3:42 PM  
Blogger Jenny Lens said...

hey, I just posted this, thanks for fast response and will correct it on this and myspace. Thanks!!!

4:08 PM  
Blogger MrBaliHai said...

You have to admit that Journey would've been a lot more interesting had Mick Jones been in it.

4:57 AM  
Blogger Jenny Lens said...

Ha ha, he means Mick Jones of the Clash, whereas I meant Mick Jones of Foreigner, cos Journey/Foreigner: means shit to me.

10:19 PM  
Blogger phelony jones said...

it's hard to look at Bob now, this is the Bob I remember.

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will love you forever if you have a larger version of that Geldof/Perry picture.

11:38 AM  

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