Saturday, April 09, 2005

X, more Masque soon . . . dreams

Been trying to post since Thursday night, sorry about delay, but Blogger server errors.

Posted X Wednesday, with some flyers, signed set lists and pages from their song books.

Spent 3.5 hours talking to archivist/musician/writer David Jones and showing him Masque, Germs, Bomp and Blondie at hotel party shots on Thursday. We found shots I missed and need to post. I zoomed in more than usual and we found Black Randy and Jeffrey Lee Pierce at Bomp, which blew our minds. I understand Randy cos he was tight with Screamers, who were there [and I must post those Screamers shots, just amazing, I need to post about twice as many Screamers as I have up already], but to find Jeffrey in the crowd made me scream! I wrote lots of notes and need to transcribe them tonight to go back and upload them. We had a blast sharing stories and looking at pix.

I pulled out a pile of notes that I created whenever I sent photos out in the ‘70’s. I either hand-wrote or typed them, with great detail. A typewritten note from the late Alan Betrock, founder of “New York Rocker,” one of the first American fanzines, was on top. A hand-written note on pink paper was from Kris Needs, then with Zig Zag. I just read last night he and a former lover, Johnny Green, wrote another Clash book, a tribute to Joe. I started to cry realizing I was in touch with Kris! I cried as I read detailed lists of so many color slides sent out, never to be seen again. I really worked hard to promote early punk. Some were published, but no tear sheets, no record covers were sent to me and I didn’t have time nor money or ability to find them all, cos some were foreign. No evidence. I wrote letters begging to be paid. I laughed reading some of my comments. Kris Needs wrote me, after I submitted photos to him. And to think I’ve never sent out any of my Clash shots . . . I could cry but I have no time nor energy to waste. I gotta scan and post some of them. Amazing insight into my record-keeping. Now if I only put dates and locations on negs and slides, cos I spend half my time trying to figure that out these days.

I wanted to pull a few unmounted slides of the Germs at Larchmont Hall, a benefit for Slash mag. I couldn’t find them but found some unmounted slides at the Masque Benefit at Elk’s Lodge. I threw them on the light table and told David to tell me what he found cos I had to go to the bathroom. He told me to take a look. I had two shots of the Randoms, but with Joe Ramirez on bass, not John Doe. David and I had spoken/emailed a few days ago about the fact I didn’t recall the Randoms playing that benefit and doubt if I shot them. Looks like I shot most of the bands after all.

I shot tons and tons of amazingly incredible fashion and fun shots! I will never forget shooting those two nights and how much fun I had taking off-stage shots. I remember and am familiar with most of those, but haven’t looked closely at the negs. Need to scan them. Later I found the Germs shots, but I always say that while trying to find one thing, I find others. It’s a constant surprise. And we realized the Randoms probably played the last official night of the Masque spontaneously. David pointed out the bass John was using Peter Case’s bass cos the Nerves played before them. I said, let’s look at the drums, which belonged to Paul Collins of the Nerves. Then I said I wonder if they didn’t even plan on playing as they weren’t on the bill. I gotta write Rand McNally and pick his brain about that! So I have shots of the only two times they played.

Wednesday morning I dreamt of men, swimming in the ocean, food and booze. Geez! I gotta make some money so I can live like other people. Til then, I only dream! That is so funny!

Indie 103.1 playing “gimme gimme this, gimme gimme thaaaat!” Can't get away from the Germs! I should have some more Masque shots up by Sunday at the latest.

Then it's the Ramones, and that won't be done til next week. ENJOY!!


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