Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Todos Somos Ramones: We Are All Ramones

"Todos Somos Ramones," an amazing 2 CD tribute set from Argentina. "We are all Ramones." I wrote this to Mariano Asch, the man who put this together and used a few of my pix, http://www.rwyrcds.com.ar/. The color shot on the back is mine, but he put my credit too low and it was cut off. Of all the shots submitted, Tommy Ramone chose mine. Look at my home page and you'll see the shots Spin chose for to honor the passing of Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny. I shot them the very first time they came to the West Coast and for awhile thereafter. These CDs are amazing and I guarantee you will love them!

The more I listen, and the louder I play these 2 CDs, which have been non-stop since I finally put them in my 200 CD carousel, the more I love them. You should be very proud of this!! Are you releasing this in the USA?? All the bands not only love the Ramones, but they improvise on the lyrics and music. They really ran with it and it's the results are amazing. I agree, Joey and Dee Dee and Johnny would LOVE this!!! Hearing how people from around the world interpreted their songs, with such energy, inventiveness, passion, and humor. I rarely am proud to be associated with projects, but this is too great!!! I like the music better than the layout, but I warned you I am picky about how my pix or other pix are used.

Fave songs: "Questioningly"and "I can't make it on time" are beautiful and touching, so poignant, wise and sad. These covers improved on the original, gave it more depth by slowing them down, adding a few instruments to flesh them out. Real poetry, the kind of thoughts that Joni Mitchell sang in "Blue." She gets all the raves about writing senstive songs and the Ramones are still thought of as fast comic book characters.

"Somebody like me" -- "I'm just a guy who likes to dress punk." Love it! Cos he does much more than dress punk, he lives it. I relate this to a whole lot more than "what a girl wants." I like to dress punk and live my life on my own terms.

"Somebody put something in my drink." That may be my all time fave Ramones song. It's so Dee Dee and Joey -- they had a hard time with reality even straight. I love the way Joey sings it and I totally agree: "I don't drink anything colored pink!!" I hate fruit juice in booze. And I love: "I can't think, bartender get me a drink." He's hallucinating as is, so does he eat or sit down? No, he wants to drink even more. Just classic. The epitome of what punk is about.

"Cretin Hop" is so darned funny. It sounds like people who have been inbreeding for too long, which is one of the ways cretins are born. Too many recessive genes passed along too few people and voila, cretins! So hillbilly. Just BRILLIANT.

"Something to believe in"!!! I love that song anyway, but they made it sound like some Carpenters song without voices. Brilliant.

All the songs not in English, especially one that sounds like it's in German: "KKK Took My Baby Away" is too fucking funny. I love the harsh sounds when they sing. I also love the ones in English with the Spanish accents. Reminds me of Arturo [Vega, their art director and whom I always considered the 5th Ramone].

"Chainsaw" is great, have no idea what language. It's fast, energetic and fun. "Havana Affair" is funny and the drummer is wonderful, and they play what sounds like an organ. A lot of the songs have organ sounds and love it, whereas I usually hate organ!

"Touring" is a new one to me and growing on me.

"Judy is a Punk" a great update to Sheena.

Ah, they spell SLUG really strangely, sounds like a-s-a-l-u-g or some other letters added in. Dan Kessel produced the first version of that.

"53rd and Third" sounds very scary - he's a dude I would not want to be alone with, oooh, he's exciting and scary. The kind of guy good girls are attracted to, but risk getting cut up with really raw rough sex, really hurting her, but that's the only way he gets off. Ouch.

"Go Home Ann" cos I never heard it before. I just got the whole Rhino catalog last week (they sent it to be for using pix), so it's a great new song to me. I love that he's so honest with her. Sometimes sex is just sex.

"Planet Earth" is amazing, but did the Ramones write that too? So unlike them. Very prophetic.

I don't like some of the songs cos I just don't like them. "Danny Says" is not a fave, as much as I love Danny Fields. "She talks to rainbows" is best by Joey, cos he would go for a whacked girl like that. Always wanting the unattainable one. "Elevator operator" is child-like. I don't go for those sappy love songs -- "met her at the Burger King." Oh gawd help me if I ever fall for someone I meet there!

Gabba gabba hey. Get this or stay in the darkness. It will grow on you.


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