Monday, April 11, 2005

Punk collages posted, more Masque too

Hi all. Posted nearly 40 collages last night. They are parts of a few larger photo collages. The Germs have 3 (in their entirety, cos they are smaller, 11 x 14 or something like that), a new section called Collages has about 35. I don't have a link to the black and white ones yet, it's always something! The color isn't great res, but it's temporary til I post the individual images. Gives you an idea of what I've got.

Today: flyers from fan clubs for the Ramones, Screamers and Mumps. Poste some in X section, signed set lists and song books. Trying to get some archival material up, along with my photos, but it takes a long time to dig them up, scan and format for net.

Beautiful day, feel the ocean breeze and the only reason I live in expensive Santa Monica. I always say if I lived eastside, I'd go out every night with my friends, and never get any work done. It's my rationalization for being stuck out here. So back to it!

Oh yeah, a close pal recognized a photo of mine being sold on a site. If you see any of my pix out there, please let me know! Thanks!


Blogger Theresa K. said...

Hi Jenny

Thanks for the link! Good old Kid.... I owe him a letter. I think he's got a new album imminent.

I found the most beautiful pictures of Kid and Pleasant today, as I was searching, in vain, for the negatives of my portraits of David Johansen.


7:26 PM  

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