Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Posted Clash and Devo today, Germs and the Masque yesterday!

So what do I think about and write about while sorting, scanning, resizing, labeling and writing captions for hundreds of shots? This blog is about sharing that process and to turn everyone onto the photos, great music and a window into the early days of punk. Most of this text is taken from emails and stories/interviews I've posted on my site. But mostly from emails with some extra explanations for those of you new to my world, floating from one topic to another, not linear, just connected by art, music and friends.

Rosemarie called today and said I must really be deep into this. I told her about my Germs and Masque photos, how I had no idea what wonderful sequences and stories were on my negs. I had to post more than I planned. The first Germs photo session flows like a silent movie comedy.

The Masque shots drew me in as if for the first time. I only shot the Masque about 4 times, but I wandered around and shot everywhere. I still have to post some outside shots and one of the stairwell, but they need to be re-scanned. There's always more to do. But the whole process of figuring out dates and names of all my negs is quite over-whelming and exhausting. But the treasures I am digging up makes the process worthwhile.

My days/evenings ("days change into night, change in an instant" from X's "Los Angeles") are spent in alone in my work room, singing along with great CDs, listening to Jonesy's Jukebox on Indie 103.1, emails to and from friends, phone calls, checking world news and then, amazingly, some photos get posted. I'm itchin' to get out, go to art openings, old movies -- I may give up a Greta Garbo festival at UCLA because of this work and that really sucks. I love her so and it's been years since I've seen her on the big screen. Hey, she was listed as #8 of the top 50 movie stars of all time in the new Premiere mag. Also my fave male, Jimmy Cagney. Some people are timeless. But art requires sacrifice. I just can't wait to see these photos big and up on walls.

I really need a big space to show these. I want to see every vivid detail in clothing, makeup, environment, expressions and body language that I caught. This is truly eye candy. "The girl with the camera eye"* indeed. I had no idea! I just want to watch people's faces and hear what they have to say! Amazing stuff. *[Patti Smith called me that from the stage at LA's Roxy, November, 1976].

I have this strong faith that if I do the hard work, the money will flow, cos I am stone broke. If not, my archive and I will be on the streets, so I try not to think about that and just forge ahead. I truly had no idea the incredible photos I took. I was so clueless. It's like writing a lot of songs in your sleep, but talking out loud into a tape recorder. Then years later you pull out the tapes and your mouth drops cos you can't believe you created really memorable, marketable songs, but you can't quite recall even doing it and wonder how the heck you came up with them. I know I took tons of pix, but no idea they were this good, from both historical and artistic perspectives. I am constantly amazed . . .

Check out my Masque section. I cropped the heck outta them to fit the small space, but wow, when I can print these full size, one will get an amazing sense of what the Masque was about. Every photo shows a different wall, corner, ceiling, people. Amazing stuff. Far more than I remember. I truly feel people will be blown away by the Masque stuff. No one has ever published so many shots from so many angles. That place was quite a maze!

I finally posted a few Clash and various Devo today. Ah the Clash, still so many to sort through. I misplaced my Devo negs about a year ago but managed to pull together a few with help from my pal Michael. I have some incredible shots when Slash mag threw a party for Devo! That will be in a few weeks. The whole history of early LA punk in parties, at X's apt, at Slash, various places. And fashion . . . so much to do.

But now, a beer, "Gilmore Girls," the new Rolling Stone article about children of rock stars. I gotta get away from the computer for awhile. I haven't been able to sleep without thinking of this work for weeks.


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